Wednesday, 30 October 2013

New Book Release

I have recently published a novel The Bookseller of Grass to the Kindle Store. For the time being it is only available as an eBook but it might be coming out in Italy as a book! For those of you who might like to download - cost just 77p see the Amazon Book Store where more details and a few sample chapters can be found.

Second novel now finished and a third being written so watch this pace!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Welcome to Wool House books

Wool House Books offers the rare, the unusual and the often unique in every field from literature, autographs, photographs, ephemera and, of course, books, too. I make a point of seeking out those things that will tempt the most jaded palette of any passionate collector! I particularly like things that tell a story or with interesting provenance. My background was in TV and theatre so I am particularly but by no means exclusively interested in items relating to the Performing Arts. Visit my eBay Shop

Sell your second hand books and ephemera

I am also buying all the time so if you have anything you would like to offer no matter what the subject area please do contact me. I am based in Sussex, near Rye but will travel to look at anything of interest. Email me at I look forward to seeing you on eBay!